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Antelope Canyon is alive with dancers! If you want to fly, try this! A Garden of Delights hidden away. I asked for it, luckily. New York City, Before 911 and After What would frozen flowers look like? Functional Art just getting upstairs. I heart sails all the time. Fall is my favorite season. Rose Parade? It's more than just Roses! Another very special place, swept away A Carribean Cruise Peter filled this old house/gallery with arond 100 photographs! Wandering a few of Europe's sidewalk Ristorantes.
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Inspired by words and travels,
these four combinations speak volumes.

Peter's books combine his love for words and photography.
It is true, a picture is worth 1000 words, if not more.

Peter's imagery is alive and well with the written word as well.
Please enjoy.
Moving Event Photos * mp4
Munds Park, AZ 4th of July Parade Cornele Holiday Dinner Office Cleaning? What? Super Bowl 2009 At Last a Wedding!
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Our All Acoustic Vocal Quartet MUSIC from the 60's & 70's
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100 year Meyer Reunion, 2011, Pittsburgh, PA
The Meyer Family Reunion

This was a fabulous 4 Days!!
Not A Tear! Only Laughter!

Day by Day for 10 wonderful days!
Here is a 10 day

Caribbean Journey in 2010 A Day by Day Moving Pictures with Music

Architecture, Design, Furniture, Inspitations, Solutions in the physical world.

Yes! I am a retired undocumented architect. I still have a 3D imagination.