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 Beds Are For Jumping

Beds are for jumping higher than ever before.

Beds are more than just for sleeping and dreaming,
like reading and learning,
and a playground for your favorite animals
both real and stuffed.


Beds are for many things,
like cuddling with your favorite teddy bear,

or falling asleep with your Beautiful Princes doll right next to your ear
so you can hear her whispering to fairies and elves,
making comforting sounds in the dark.

Beds are for secret conversations with your best friend,
and for setting out your Sunday clothes.


Beds are for being safely tucked away
from all the things that go bump in the night.


Beds are the place to flop down after a busy day at school.
Beds are a safe zone where you can wonder what to be when you grow up.


Beds are to imagine how your first kiss might feel like,
knowing it will be very different from the goodnight kiss.


Beds are for shedding tears when you need to be alone to cry.

Beds are for healing bumps and bruises from growing,
words that hurt, condemning judgments,
and bullies who are blind to how they damage
the tender world of innocence and naiveté.


Beds are for waking up refreshed,
ready for a new adventure when your feet hit the floor.


Beds are for every child to discover dreams do come true.

Peter Burt Lauridsen  December, 2015

These words wrote themselves for a fund raiser we did Christmas of 2015.
It was sub titled, "No Child Sleeps on the Floor"