Inspirations for Life
This concept started because of a pedestrian death on Camelback and 75th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Thank you Michelle, for the inspiration and honoring your friend.

Imagined by Peter Burt. All rights reserved. © 2015 eye soar, Inc.

The elevators will work using the weight of water from the canal.
The solar panels will allow this bridge to be completely self sufficient.
The wire mesh will be LED lights to help sooth he drivers and allow smiles for everyone.

In the above design, the elevators will work in tandum, one up while the other down.


Without elevators

Double Elevators for busy areas.

Extended for mezzanine access when possible.
This was intended for Scottsdale Fashion Square.
The intersection is still crowed and pedestrian safety minimal.
The designs for the water powered elevators is still my secret.

Construction schematic to minimize road closure.
It might be possible to build the bridge portion as a single element
and install it as one piece with cranes during one night.

From Los Angeles: A similar idea
but $4 Million!