Canyon Tango

Perfect Bound
8 1/2 x 8 1/2
48 Pages
ISBN _______

This Book is still in production

Photographs and Graphics by yours truly, including the FONT!

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From somewhere in the middle of the ...

Before daylight spills over the canyon edge,
Shadows dance a Canyon Tango, Smooth and deliberate. 
Practicing with hushed melodies quickening the pulse. 
Awaiting light beams to dance upon the walls.

As morning wanes, colors dance faster, anticipating the light. 
Turn around, the dance has changed. 
Turn around, the dancers strut,
looking for a wider space to twirl,
kicking up magic dust from yesterday’s captured sunbeams.

Antelope Canyon, and the upper section Canyon X, on private land, has been an inspiration every moment I even think of being in those sacred walls.