I have started a new section:
Stories From The Heart
as I record them.
Was it a Dream, or ???
To sign up call me; Peter Burt @ 602 312 7680 or send an email here!
Please include your phone number.

Please sign up and we'll let you know after Summer!
We will have a Public Address system by then, and I will continue to record your stories if you agree.

1st Event Recordings April 5th, 2017.
It was joyous event!
We will be looking for a place in September. In the meantime we'll be telling stories everywhere there are ears to listen!
I am available for
Parties, Dinners, and Events
needing laughter!
Adrienne Gill -  Welcome and Introduction
Peter Burt - Intro and how this came to be
Cathy Hoffman - Finding your Birth Family 
Peter Burt - Iowa Hill, Walter and the Ants
Cathy Hoffman - Adopting a Child