The Silence of the Stones

Perfect Bound
8 1/2 x 8 1/2
48 Pages
ISBN 9780982788905

Photographs and Graphics by yours truly, including the FONT!

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From the Introduction:
     Inspiration comes to me in many ways and often responds to the moment at hand.
     Early on several mornings before the needs of the day took me elsewhere, I went to my studio to retrain my hand with forgotten pencil skills. I chose a photo of the Palatki Cliff Dwellings in Sedona, Arizona, because of the drama of the cliff face, the detail of the stones, and because I had never seen this dwelling. I took a few minutes while the house was quiet to let old habits regain their presence in my fingertips. The sketch was beginning to have a life of its own.
     On one morning the house was still asleep, except for the cat laying defiantly in the center of my drawing. This diversion allowed me to reach instead for my journal, and words spilled out across several pages. I felt as if they had been forming over the days I had sketched, wondering who these people were, and the style of life they lived. These walls required an amazing amount of labor, as well as my sketch. I began to hear the sounds of the builders, young and old, and the clink of stone, so different from the mechanical uproar we hear today. I could see each stone placed above the previous with care and purpose, hearing the music of conversations and directions.
     I can never pass another wall of stones and not hear the sounds of construction. It will be a joy to hear the shouts of El Giza, the singing of Machupicchu, the cadence of the Great Wall of China, and the whispers of Easter Island, and all from a pencil sketch.
     There is so much to see and hear past the silence.