Leslie’s Pelican Ballet

Perfect Bound
8 1/2 x 8 1/2
48 Pages
ISBN 978097492243


I must thank Leslie Anne and her Pelican Ballet Company for teaching me patience and perseverance, and for allowing me to become better than I was before.

Leslie Anne hesitated to tell me the name of her ballet “because you’ll use it.” I could not help it! Months later, while in the high mountains, far from the ocean, words spilled across the page in great determination, and without hesitation. Leslie’s Pelican Ballet wrote itself using my hand and heart.

For years following, we photographed pelicans and searched for the right illustrator, from cartoonists to fine artists. In frustration, I took a photograph and played with it until I had the mysterious quality I experienced from the cliff tops watching that wonderful pelican chorus line.

Every season I watch another ballet. No two ballets are ever alike, except for the warming in my heart. I dedicate this book to Leslie’s wonderful imagination; like Leslie, it is unique and beautiful, and takes on a life of its own with every reader.

To this day, I keep a eye to the sea for a new ballet. I am an avid fan.