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Rants and Raves? Observations at the least. 
The Color of Love
a lovely love poem

The Color of Love! It's free to share.
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Books by Peter Burt * Both Poetry and Introspections
O, Wind Thru Open Window
"O, Wind Thru Open Window!
Do not leave me here!
With all these dreams, I must go with you!"
Leslie's Pelican Ballet
"I've been to the sea, where the sea breezes blow,
and the waves come and go with the tides.
And from my perch, above the cliff ..."
Peter Burt wrote most of these books to read to his Grand Children. There are 6 more in various stages. (Books that is ...)
The Silence of the Stones
"Without Joy, these walls would be different.
Without plenty, these walls would be thin.
Without purpose, these walls would not be."
Coming Soon Canyon Tango
"... Before daylight spills over canyon edge,
Shadows dance a Canyon Tango, Smooth and deliberate,
Practicing with hushed melodies quickening the pulse,
Sending light beams dancing upon the walls ..."
Words From Within
a series of introspections
In 1974, I realized I was an actor in my own life.  I showed up every day, however, I did not write the words, produce, set the stage, nor direct my actions.  The emptiness inside me became unbearable.  I had to stop the course of my life. I had to let go and trust an unknown process ...
On the Brink of Publishing!
Adrienne picked our favorite images and my favorite poems. I am ready to PUBLISH! Just a few more items, like the Cover!
Tell me what you think so far.
A Field of Passion  * 2nd Edition
From the Foreword - "Thus began my discovery that love comes in many disguises, and leaves in different ones. I had watched her for years from a conception of safety, and in this single moment, she dissolved the line separating reason from unreasonableness, and I began a journey I must share so I may have some rest." 
Coming Soon You ask, Why The Divide?"
A five year adventure forward and back.
In 1975, a series of events lead me to ... ...
A adventure back to the land that was already gone, yet I learned more in those 5 years than all my formal education, or from my parents.
BOTH Written and Spoken!

Books by Stanley Crawford & Cathleen Green * Published in 2014
This book is the life story of Dr. Virgil Hart, who felt the need to assist his fellow human from 1865 - 1903, whom he thought were in need of modern educational training, western medical care, and Christian spiritual enlightenment. Dr. Edgerton H. Hart was born in China to missionary parents, was educated in America and returned to China to head one of the hospitals his father, Virgil Hart built in Wuhu, on the Yangtze River. His medical skills were highly regarded by both the Chinese and foreigners.
* From Caroline Harts’ personal journal, At last my preparation of years was rewarded, for I carried in my pocket a half-read letter that appointed me to China.
The Miracle Maidens, Dr. Mary Stone and Dr. Ida Kahn, where the first female Chinese doctors educated in the United States in Western Medicine techniques. Both women changed China forever. Their lifelong contributions ended ancient traditions, particularly the binding of feet. Surgical techniques with removing tumors saved many lives.
The Story of Lushan is beautiful and reaches from the clouds to the rivers far below. Lushan Mountain has always been a resting place, inviting meditation, insightfulness, and art. Life on Lushan Mountain has touched many hearts, and inspired greatness from the masters of all centuries. If more than 5000 years of mystical history inspire you to visit Lushan, when you arrive amongst the clouds, you will know you have arrived in Heaven

Single Editions
Long Ago * from Marie James-Marks  Published August 2014
This book is a story of a family from long ago…
It is about someone I know…
It is a journey of some sorts…in poetry and sketch form...
It is a story close to my heart…this is a personal and emotional form of art…
A Personal Perception  Published in 2010
Robert Andrew Meyer
Poetic Perceptions From 90 Years of Observations

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Today, March 20, 2018, I am deeply disturbed about FACE BOOK.
Here are my thoughts:



Please stop wasting time with this Face Book story!

From the beginning Face Book was just an illusion for want-to-be-someone-else people to pretend. Face Book has no relationship to the truth!

I have suffered through some of the children in my life living and breathing hour by hour from what some “unknown” person posts a reply on their FB (liars) page.

Now I have grand babies doing the same. I tell them all to post what they would like to hear, say, or do. I remind them there is no filter for the truth: Face Book is a liars club, and we are now taking it seriously?

WAKE UP AGAIN! There is NOTHING TRUE ABOUT FACE BOOK! It is an imagined gossip world where anyone can make up their imagined personification to see how the rest of the FB (liars) respond.

What now terrifies me is this unsubstantiated “personal information” has been “stolen” from “imaginary citizens” and use to change the world?

Steve Martin is shouting in my ear: “EXCUSE ME!” And yes, he is wearing his King Tut costume!

We need to wake up to the realization Mark Z created a world where anyone, especially him, can imagine who they would like to be and create a page which has nothing to do with any truth anyplace anywhere anytime! All the information on FB is made up by some imaginary person, from the child who can type, to the halfwit in a rest home!

I laugh at the idea anyone thought the information “stolen” from FB is real.

We all deserve the truth, but the TRUTH DOES NOT COME FROM FACE BOOK. Go home Mark Z! Smile, and be sure to cash out your investment before the Truth cashes FB out.

And if you have any real principals, when in front of Congress, the other liars club,  remind them you started FB out as an open platform where anyone can post anything. There still are no filters for truth, no background checks, and certainly no way to dispute. FB was an experiment which made you a millionaire, and now is your opportunity to own up and be truthful! What goes around comes around Mr. Z.


Face Book is not the truth, so it must be a lie, or merely imaginary!


Come on world! Wake up! Stop embarrassing me with your gullibility.


        Peter Burt (my pseudonym)